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2002 - 2010

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January 4, 2010:
Are Electroshock Machines Safe?  Will the FDA Skip a Required Safety Evaluation?

January 17, 2010:  Governor Paterson, New York Legislators: Please Restore Hijacked Mental Health Funds

February 21, 2010:  Researchers Find Little Data Concerning Attitudes of Professionals

February 24, 2010:  Is "Shutter Island" a Source of Toxic Stigma?

March 9, 2010:  "Schizophrenia" and the Upcoming DSM-5

March 12, 2010: ! Dr. Torrey Doubles His Bogus Homicide Estimates !

March 21, 2010:  Does the Treatment Advocacy Center Help or Harm?

April 11,2010:  It Can Be Done!  Toronto Launches a Model Housing Plan

April 18, 2010:  Housing Works!

June 12, 2010:  New Jersey Helps  Mentally Ill Homeless Individuals with "Housing First" Program

July 18, 2010:  5 Communitiex Re-examine Use of  Police to Intervene in Mental Health Crises

August 1, 2010:  A British Clinical Psychologist Makes Strong Case for Shift in Psychiatric Treatment

August 8, 2010:  Peer  Counselors Can Soften An Emergency Room Experience

August 20, 2010:  Can There Be Recovery Without a Safe Place to Live?

September 5, 2010:  In Violent Crimes, Why is Schizophrenia a Favorite Call?

September 12, 2010:  Creator of  "People Say I'm Crazy" Launches Website

October 2, 2010:  A New Study Underscores Need to Rethink Stigma Reduction Efforts

October 15, 2010:  Mark Vonnegut Recounts His Uneven Path  Toward Recovery

October 21, 2010:  Survivors of Psychiatric Trauma Are Heard At Last

December 3, 2010:  A Study of  Consumer-Run Programs  Yields Wealth of Innovative Ideas

December  18, 2010:  Thoughts on a Huffington Post Blog Author


January 18, 2009: How "Wonderland" Went Wrong

February 1, 2009: British Launch Multi-Million-Dollar 'Time To Change' Campaign

March 1, 2009: 'Another Kind of Valor' Team Will Visit Communities

March 22, 2009: 'Mental Health News' Summer Issue Will Salute Recovery And The Consumer Movement

April 15, 2009: 'Psycho Donuts' Turns Back the Clock

April 19, 2009: When Does Free Speech Become Hate Speech?

April 26, 2009: Language Matters: What Does "Treatment" Mean?

June 11, 2009: 'Psycho Donuts' Spreads Stigmatizing Message to College Campus

June 26, 2009: Why Not Change 'Psycho Donuts' to 'Amputee Donuts'?

August 24, 2009: California Doughnut Shop and Advocates' Coalition Reach Truce

September 2, 2009: Peers Encourage Wellness With Support

September 6, 2009: Comics Tackle Prejudice

September 20, 2009: Cutting-Edge Conference Will Explore "First Break" Options

October 18, 2009: Gifts of Wisdom From Judi Chamberlin

October 25, 2009: Glenn Close Family to Deconstruct Toxic Stigma

November 1, 2009:  Deconstructing Toxic Stigma: Survivors of Forced Psychiatric "Treatment" Speak Out


January 6, 2008: Treatment Advocacy Center Reduces Research on Violence to a Stigmatizing Soundbite

January 10, 2008: New York Times Editorial Promotes a Damaging Stereotype

January 27, 2008: Pressure Builds for System Reform

January 31, 2008: How's "Preventable Tragedies" Database Reveals System's

February 19, 2008 - Stop-Smoking Drug (Chantix) May Worsen Psychiatric Symptoms, FDA Warns

February 23, 2008 - Dr. Torrey Blames "Every New Yorker" for Kendra's Law Failure

March 17, 2008 - Jaffe Calls For Sane Policy But Repeats Familiar Line

Apri 13, 2008 - A Panel Discussion on Violence and Mental Illness

April 20, 2008 - Pat Deegan To Discuss Recovery-Based Use of Medications

May 11, 2008 - "Mad Pride" Advocates Bring First-Hand Experience to Mental Health Discussion

June 4, 2008 - Adult Home Residents Reach Out With Video

June 22, 2008 - Dr. Torrey Scores Fearmongering Victory

June 29, 2008 - Check Out a Valuable Internet Resource

July 21, 2008 - Dr. Torrey's Short Memory

August 4, 2008 - A New York Housing Program Makes National News

August 10, 2008 - New Mexico Court Rules Outpatient Compulsory Medication Law Unenforceable

August 31, 2008 - A New Bogus Statistic on Homicide?

September 10, 2008 - Studies Find Shocking Rise in Deaths of Forgotten Teenagers

September 30, 2008 - It Can Be Done! A Crumbling Adult Home Is Transformed

October 26, 2008 - It Can Be Done! Community Agencies and Civic Organizations Help Advocates Develop Housing

November 9, 2008 - It Can Be Done! Peer Counselors Become Agents of Recovery

November 21, 2008: 'Another Kind of Valor' Captures Torment of Stress Disorders in Video Vignettes

December 7, 2008: A Look Back at Dubious Justice


January 14, 2007: SAMHSA Issues Outstanding Guide to Stigma Reduction

February 11, 2007: Abraham Lincoln's Struggle With Severe Depression is Revealed

February 25, 2007: Announcing Mental Illness Watch: A Website to Provide A Meeting Ground on Issues

March 25, 2007: Prejudice Hides in Plain Sight

March 13, 2007: New York Will Confine Violent Sex Offenders in Mental Health Facilities at Huge Expense

April 1, 2007: "Can You Live With the Voices in Your Head?"

April 29, 2007: Is Co-opting the Virginia Tech Tragedy?

May 2, 2007: Virginia Tech Tragedy Refuels Gun Law Controversy

June 4, 2007: How to End Bias and Discrimination

June 16, 2007: Language Matters: The Making of a Prejudicial Stereotype

July 12, 2007: A Journalism Standards-Setter Causes Concern

July 15, 2007: An Outraged Advocate Asks, Where Are Our Leaders?

July 22, 2007; Mental Health Consumers/Survivors De-Mystify "Mental Illnesses" on the Internet

July 29, 2007: Powerful Video Exposes Media Bias

October 21, 2007: Objections to Psychiatric Diagnosis Classifications Mount

November 26, 2007: Welsh Health Minister Calls for Law to Guarantee Patients' Right to Treatment

December 14, 2007: Advocates Denounce Stigmtizing Ad Campaign

December 30, 2007: TAC's "top 10 stories of 2007" Continue a Pattern of Fearmongering


January 4, 2006: George Gerbner, Researcher and Activist, Dies at 86

January 15, 2006: Prisoners With Psychiatric Disabilities Suffer Barbaric Punishment in New York State Prisons

March 5, 2006: Objections to Forced Outpatient Medication Increase

March 20, 2006: 2nd Annual "Voice Award" Nominations Due Friday, April 14.

May 7, 2006: Bazelon's Michael Allen Rebuts Sally Satel on Forced Treatment

May 12, 2006: Kendra'sLaw Teeters on False Premise

June 22, 2006: An Open Letter to the Washington Post

July 2, 2006: The Treatment Advocacy Center's Math Boggles the Mind

July 9, 2006: Lessons From's "PreventableTragedies"

August 13, 2006: New! A Website Devoted Entirely to Advance Directives

August 20, 2006: A Startling Statue Raises Awareness in Norwich England

September 10, 2006: Can Rewrite History? Let Andrew Goldstein's Record Speak

October 9, 2006: The Term "Schizophrenia" Misused as a Label for Harm-Causing Conditions

November 5, 2006: Lawmaker Highlights Need for More Substance Abuse Programs

November 12, 2006: Andrew Goldstein Receives 23-Year Prison Sentence for Death of Kendra Webdale

December 10, 2006: "What A Difference A Friend Makes" is Theme of Federal Ad Campaign


January 6, 2005: Breaking News: Andrea Yates Verdict Overturned

January 9, 2005: NBC-TV Launches "Committed"

January 16, 2005: What's Endearing About Straitjackets?

January 21, 2005: Straitjackets Have History of Abuse and Death

January 27, 2005: Talk Show's Malicious Comment Endangers Lives

February 6, 2005: (1) Do News Items Show Rising Indifference to Suffering?; (2) ACLU Exposes Brutal Prison Conditions

February 13, 2005: About Recovery: A Talk With Dan Fisher

February 20, 2005: "Looney Tunes" Characters to be Reborn as Menacing "Loonatics"

March 13, 2005: New York Legislators Call For Careful Look at Court-ordered Treatment Law

April 11, 2005: Kendra's Law Heaing Reopens Coercion Controversy

April 27, 2005: Special Posting: Free Teleconference on Decreasing Stigma in African American Community

April 31, Warns Against Psychiatric Screening Proposal

May 22, 2005: 1) Kendra's Law Teaches How To Play the Violence Card, (2) The Railroading of Andrew Goldstein, (3) Remember Andrew, The Other Victim

June 29, 2005: New York's Legislature Extends Outpatient Commitment Law

July 24, 2005: Record Shows Supreme Court Nominee Judge John Roberts Poses Threat to Americans With Disabilities

July 31, 2005: Pat Deegan, Psychologist/Activist/Psychiatric Survivor, Explains How "Personal Medicine" Helps Recovery Process

August 14, 2005: (1) Consumer/Survivor Initiatives Praised by Researchers; (2) A New Book, "On Our Own, Together" Assesses Peer Programs

August 21, 2005: A New Cartoon Series Uses Psychiatric Slur as Title

September 4, 2005: Psychiatric Labels Spawn False Assumptions

September 18, 2005:Violence is Rampant Against People With Psychiatric Vulnerabilities, New Study Finds

October 30, 2005: A National Directory of Consumer-Driven Services is Now on the Web

November 13, 2005: Australians Shatter Stereotypes With "Hope Awards"to Filmmakers


January 11, 2004: 1) Where "Special Housing" Means Punishment"; 2) Mars Candy Co. and Lucasworld Promote Prejudice

February 1, 2004: Obituary of Janet Frame Shatters Stereotype: Humanizing Stories in Institution Attics and Cemeteries

February 8, 2004: United Nations Treaty Drafted to Protect Human Rights and Dignity of People with Disabilities

March 2, 2004: Canadians Battle Biased Language With Cash

March 7, 2004: 1) Yates Tragedy Brings Reform and Education; 2) Did Error By Key Expert Sway Jury?

March 14, 2004: The Missing Memorial

March 21, 2004: Article Illustrates Confusion Surrounding Proposed Gunlaw Amendment

March 28, 2004: 1) Gun Law Is Off-Target; 2) Rise in Stranger Homicides Not Linked to Mental Illnesses

April 4, 2004: An Actress Balances Art, Illness and A New Home

April 11, 2004: ADS CENTER Offering Free Antistigma Training

April 18, 2004: A Psychiatric Survivor Names Biggest Challenge

April 25, 2004: Food For Thought About Prejudice

May 9, 2004: Courageous Teenager Ends Silence, Teaches Peers"

May 16, 2004: Study Finds Fear Tactics Win Public Support for Coercion, Segregation, and Avoidance -- But No Increase in Resources

June 13, 2004: An Excellent Article on Advance Directives -- (and more)

June 27, 2004: Has Bias Stalled the Historic Olmstead Act?

July 15,2004: Loren Mosher Dies; His Legacy Survives in Upcoming Book

July 18, 2004: Recovery Program Wins Accolades in Oregon

July 25, 2004: Less Stigma Seen, But Reforms Still Missing

August 8, 2004: Caring Community Tackles Labels and Builds Awareness

August 29, 2004: UK Experts Say Omega-3 is Important for Mental Health

September 26, 2004: Insightful Survivors John MacManamy and Kay Jamison Discuss Exuberance

October 10, 2004: Recovery Is Not A New Idea, Says Pat Deegan

October 31, 2004: Patty Duke Keeps Promise, Gives Hope

November 14, 2004: An Inspiring Obituary Paints a Memorable Portrait

November 21, 2004: Michigan Commission Lists Obstacles to Progress

December 6, 2004: Survey Finds Social Support is Key to Employment Success


January 19, 2003: Mental Health Groups Urge President's Commission to Act

January 26, 2003: Urgent Call to Action: U.S. Senate Will Consider Anti-Disability Candidate...

February 2, 2003: Campaign to Protect Rights Continues

February 16: 2003: Disabilities Activist Shatters Stereotypes: Harriet McBryde Johnson

March 2,2003: "Unabomber" Story Continues to Unfold

March 23, 2003: Senate Will Consider Gunlaw Amendment Putting Innocent People on Criminal Database

March 30, 2003: In 1994, Leading Experts Criticized Brady Bill's Emphasis on Mental Illness

April 13, 2003: Public's Mistaken Beliefs Hamper Advocacy Efforts

April 20, 2003: Reach Out to Journalists With Outstanding Handbook from New Zealand; 2) Disability Resources, Inc. Announces Website

April 27, 2003: 1) State Dept's Richard Armitage Uses Psychiatric Putdown to Scold Newt Gingrich, 2) Empathy Enlightens Hearts and Minds, 3) New Website Offers Treasure Trove of Information and Commentary

May 4, 2003: Goal of New Mental Health Media Partnership is Accuracy

May 5, 2003: Special Posting, Mind's Voices Get New Attention (Times Article)

June 1, 2003: Lawsuit Filed Against NYC's Subways and Buses

June 8, 2003: "Test Your Biases" Website Overwhelmed by Responses

June 22, 2003: Supreme Court Rules on Forced Medication Case, But Questions Outnumber Answers

June 29, 2003: "60 Minutes" Plugs a Flawed Gunlaw Amendment

July 6, 2003: Ten Reasons to Distrust "60 Minutes"

July 20, 2003: Coming Soon! "West 47th Street"

July 27, 2003: Responsible vs. Sensational Writing About Violence

August 3, 2003: Calls For Reform Grow Stronger>/A>

August 10, 2003: Africana Newsletter Gives Boston Globe Journalists High Praise

August 17, 2003: 1) New Concept of Schizophrenia; 2) Hunger Strike for Freedom - Update

August 24, 2003: 1) Update on Hunger Strike; 2) Artist (John Cadigan) Films Own Struggle

August 31, 2003: 1)More About Hunger Strike; 2) What Does Treatment Really Mean?

September 4, 2003: Biased Newscast Plugs Flawed Gunlaw Amendment

September 28, 2003: Flawed Gunlaw Gaining In Congress

October 19, 2003: Campaign Misrepresents Proposed Law, But Where's the Outrage?

October 26, 2003: World Psychiatric Association Meets to Probe Prejudice

November 2, 2003: An Informative Newsletter and Website From An Insider

Special Posting: MindFreedom Featured in Los Angeles Times

November 16, 2003: Murder Rate Is Misperceived and Misrepresented, NZ Study Finds

November 23, 2003: Website is Hub of Information on Prejudice and Discrimination

November 30, 2003: Marvel Comics Incites Prejudice

December 7, 2003: John and Katie Cadigan Are Winning Film Awards

December 21, 2003: Harold Maio Addresses Subtle Language Bias


January 6, 2002: The Public Loves "A Beautiful Mind"

January 13, 2002: "ER" Brings Back a Violent Character

January 20, 2002: 1) Language Matters (Harold Maio); 2) Kudos Due Entertainment Industry

February 10, 2002: Pat Deegan's Stunning New Websites

February 17, 2002: Has TAC Changed Its Tune?

February 24, 2002: "Breaking The Silence" Lesson Plans

March 3, 2002: Low Wages Threaten Mental Health Programs

March 10, 2002: 1) Beyond Belief in NYC; ) "Beautiful Minds..." by Courtenay Harding

March 17, 2002: Media Alert: Watch "Once and Again" on March 25

March 24, 2002: "A Beautiful Mind" : Will It Change the Way People Think?

March 31, 2002: ABC-TV Disappoints A Young Audience

April 7, 2002: Dr. Torrey Takes On System

April 14, 2002: System Failed Despite Kendra's Law

April 21, 2002: Beautiful Minds Speak Out

April 28, 2002: Open To All - Online Forum

May 5, 2002: MadNation Website Is Back; NYTimes Finds Horror in Adult Homes; Robert Whitaker Comments on Stereotyping

May 12, 2002: Sally Satel Wrong for Policymaker Job

June 9, 2002: Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Discussed on NPR

June 16, 2002: Language Matters: The Word "Stigma"

June 23, 2002: The "Infinite Mind" Probes Media's Role in Shaping Attitudes

June 30, 2002: Prejudice and Discrimination: The Hidden Barriers

July 7,2002:(1) Otto Wahl Receives Honor, Then Helps National Stigma Clearinghouse; (2) Thoughts on Medication

July 14, 2002: Progress is a Rocky Road; (1) An Outrageous Headline.., (2) Relevant Reporting, (3) TV Reruns Preserve Prejudice

July 21, 2002: Mental Health Commission Seeks Comments

July 28, 2002: Researchers Suggest New Ways to Report Violence (Online Mini-Course)

August 4, 2002: Website May Fill Empty Niche With Practical Ideas and Webcasts

August 11, 2002: Ten Ways To Fight Discrimination

August 18, 2002: Free Self-Help Guides Offer Ways to Diminish Symptoms and Offer New Routes to Recovery

August 25, 2002: How Can "Criminalization" Be Stopped?

September 1, 2002: New Study Finds Social risk Factors for Violent Behavior

September 8, 2002: Torrey Twists Meaning of Surgeon General's Report

September 15, 2002: NDMDA Changes Name To DBSA

September 22, 2002: Disabilities Report: Mental Health System Over-Relies on Medication

September 28, 2002: Is Dr. Amador's Insight Theory Getting A Bad Rap?

October 6, 2002: More Ugly Secrets in New York

October 13, 2002: CBS "Rush to Judgment" Sensationalizes Mental Illnesses Once Again

November 3, 2002: Gov. Pataki Systematically Shortchanges the Mental Health System...

November 10, 2002: Proposed Law Would Put Law-Abiding People on Criminal Checklist

November 17, 2002: Item 1: Cutting-Edge Website Moves to New Address Item 2: "Lost" Firearms Equip Criminals Item 3: Are Language, Stereotypic Thinking, and Public Policy Linked?

November 24, 2002: "A Reprieve Today; Armed and Dangerous" (60 Minutes) Must Not Air Again, Ever

December 4, 2002: Special Announcement - "Blue/Orange"

December 8, 2002: Honor Is Overdue For People Murdered by Nazis in Psychiatric Institutions

December 15, 2002: Research on Violence Refutes Long-Held Beliefs

December 21, 2002: Activist Recommends "Media Tip Sheets"

December 29, 2002: A Revised Look at Medication for Schizophrenia

End of News Index for Year 2002

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